On-premise or managed? Pick your approach.

Choose whether to licence our source code and host our orchestrator on your own infrastructure or have us manage everything for you. It’s up to you how much control you have.

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Host millions of players in-house

As the market shifts and studios develop their own live services, they want to build their own ecosystems. With our on-premise service, you can licence our source code, customize it to your needs, and gather insights from the data.

Manage your entire portfolio

Keep all your games running smoothly. Use our orchestrator to manage the load on your servers by taking into account all your games at once.

Plug into your analytics

See how your servers are performing, where you’ve got the most demand and the general lay of the land. Integrate real-time analytics into your dashboard or developer toolls.

Skip the grind

Several years of developing, testing, and perfecting has gone into our orchestrator. It’s the first and only one that can automatically manage your portfolio, give you insights into your infrastructure and work with any tool or server provider that you want.

Take the weight off your shoulders

With our managed service, you can let us do all the heavy lifting. We’ll use our providers and infrastructure. All you need to do is plug in our API.

Free up your developers' time

Integrate our orchestrator in just an hour. And start creating sessions within minutes. That way, your developers can focus on more important tasks.

Upload once, deploy everywhere

It only takes a few steps to roll out your game’s image. Just containerize the game server, upload it and you’re ready. That’s it.

Get help throughout your journey

We’ll educate you on how the orchestrator works, provide support along the way and lend a hand in setting up and integrating your tools.

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Get in touch with our team and we’ll talk you through exactly how our orchestrator works and how we could integrate it into your game.