The technology to automate. The infrastructure to scale.

We bring together the technology and infrastructure to automatically spin up multiplayer sessions anywhere in the world.

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Get an all-in-one hosting service that scales with you that was built specifically for gaming. Our orchestrator delivers game sessions on demand through our API in just a couple of seconds.

Your game, your choice

We believe game developers choose the best tools for their game. So both our infrastructure and technology are completely agnostic. That way, you don’t need to lock into any particular vendor and can use any engine or tool set that you want.


Battle-tested on real games

We built all our technology with high-performance multiplayer games in mind, rigourly testing and updating it to make sure your players always get the best quality game session.


Gaming at the core

All our technology is built with gaming in mind. So we’re constantly reviewing and updating our systems to make sure that it can keep pace with the industry.

The technology to make hosting easy

Take the stress out of hosting multiplayer games. We orchestrate your capacity for you. Minute by minute, we analyze which players need a match and decide the best location, automatically choosing a server, no matter the provider. Just plug in your systems and we handle the rest.

Don’t panic, we’ve got your back

No matter what predictions you made, we’ve got the capacity to cover you, even if it exceeds your expectations.

Free up your developers' time

Integrate our orchestrator in just an hour. And start creating sessions within minutes. So you can focus on more important tasks.

Upload once, deploy everywhere

It only takes a few steps to roll out your game’s image. Just containerize the game server, upload it and you’re ready. That’s it.

The infrastructure to cope with anything

Our agnostic approach to server infrastructure combines the best of bare metal, cloud and edge-based compute power. Decide your global strategy, and we’ll deliver it to you via our API.

See how our infrastructure works

Always keep your game running


We guarantee 99.99% uptime. Surge of players? We’ve got the servers to keep your game running. DDoS attacks? Network outage? Fire in the data centre? We’ll adapt to unexpected challenges and keep your game service up.

High performance, always


We carefully manage and select only the fastest servers for gaming. We swap out underperforming hardware, locations, or even entire providers without any interruption to the service.

Worldwide servers

Host anywhere


With servers in regions across the world, you can host your matches anywhere. Want to expand or just changed your mind? Adjust your regions on the fly.

Stay in control

No matter your size, we want to support you in running the best game possible. So stay in control of your game, without breaking the bank.

Only pay for what you use

Get fair pricing that could save you up to 70% compared to standard cloud services. And if we aren’t cheaper than your current provider, we’ll work with you to find a pricing model that works.

We’re agnostic

Use the engine and matchmaker that suits your game, whether that’s Unreal, Unity, PlayFab, Epic Online Services, or a homebrew system.

Learn more about us

Get help whenever

Speak directly with your support team. Whether that’s to integrate a new tool, suggest new features or set things up. And we monitor and manage any issues or outages all day, every day.

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Don't just take our word for it

We felt there was a personal relationship, and if there was a problem, we knew that Gameye would be there.
Torn Banner
Rasmus Löfström
Game Director
Torn Banner
The support is what makes the difference. Gameye is an easy place to work with. Nothing is an issue and they’re proactive.
Limitless games
Manu Marquez
Limitless Games
When we’re connecting to Gameye servers, there’s not been a problem with the ISPs. Nobody has a lag advantage.
Gene Secret 6
Gene Gacho
Technical Director
Secret 6

Get a free trial until your open beta

Your success is our success. So we do what we can to help you create the best game possible. That’s why you can try out a limited number of sessions for free until your open beta.

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