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The market is shifting

More and more studios are developing multiplayer and live service games and want to create their own platforms. They want their own ecosystem, so they can build larger and more complex experiences. And they want to stay in direct control of that experience, so they can engage with their community and serve its needs.

But most studios struggle to keep up with the massive number of multiplayer gamers. The spikes. The demand. The scale of it all.

There’s a missing piece

How do you scale your platform? How do you handle that demand? How do you take back control? Well, you use a completely agnostic orchestrator. One that can automatically spin up new sessions and deal with the demand, work across your entire portfolio of games, and give you valuable insights into how it’s running.

That’s Gameye Enterprise.

Fill the gap in your technology


Gameye Enterprise gives you a licence to the source code of our orchestration platform. It’s completely agnostic, so it can work with any kind of infrastructure. Choose the servers you want –bare metal, cloud, hybrid, or even edge – and the orchestrator picks where each match should be hosted.

Your infrastructure, your developer tools, your choice. That’s the agnostic way.

Get ready for the evolution

The future is in your hands.

When you take back control of your games and community, make sure that your platform can handle your multiplayer experience.

Automatically spin up sessions

Take the hassle out of managing your servers. Use our orchestrator to automatically decide which server to start a new session on, based on what will be best for those players.

Deal with surprises, instantly

If you get a sudden surge of players, take the load off your customer service team. Scale automatically, make sure those new players have a match and load up any backup solutions you’ve got prepared.

Manage your entire portfolio

Keep all your games running smoothly. Use our orchestrator to manage the load on your servers by taking into account all your games at once.

Build in any language

Our micro-services are language agnostic, so it doesn’t matter what programming language you want to use. Get the source code and tweak it to suit your ecosystem.

Plug into your analytics


See how your servers are performing, where you’ve got the most demand and the general lay of the land. Integrate real-time analytics into your dashboard or developer tools to get an overview of your infrastructure and more.

Make hosting your games easy

Get an orchestrator that scales with you that was built specifically for gaming. And deliver game sessions on demand through the API in just a couple of seconds.

Free up your developers' time

Integrate our orchestrator in just an hour. And start creating sessions within minutes. So you can focus on more important tasks.

Upload once, deploy everywhere

It only takes a few steps to roll out your game’s image. Just containerize the game server, upload it and you’re ready. That’s it.

Gaming at the core

All our technology is built with gaming in mind. So we’re constantly reviewing and updating our systems to make sure that it can keep pace with the industry.

Tried and tested with real games

Six years of developing, testing, and perfecting has gone into our orchestrator. It’s the first and only one that can automatically manage your portfolio, give you insights into your infrastructure and work with any tool or server provider that you want.

How our technology helped Chivalry 2

Take the weight off your shoulders

You don’t just get an orchestrator. You get a team. We’re your partner – here to advise and help, whenever you need us.

Get help throughout your journey

We’ll educate you on how the orchestrator works, provide support along the way and lend a hand in setting up and integrating your tools.

Continue to get updates

We’re constantly innovating and updating our orchestrator with new features and ideas. Get the latest version as soon as it comes out.

Procure your servers

Not sure who to use for your servers? We can find and negotiate with providers on your behalf. And advise on how best to make sure your infrastructure can handle the load.

Hear from our customers

Don't just take our word for it

We felt there was a personal relationship, and if there was a problem, we knew that Gameye would be there.
Torn Banner
Rasmus Löfström
Game Director
Torn Banner
The support is what makes the difference. Gameye is an easy place to work with. Nothing is an issue and they’re proactive.
Limitless games
Manu Marquez
Limitless Games
When we’re connecting to Gameye servers, there’s not been a problem with the ISPs. Nobody has a lag advantage.
Gene Secret 6
Gene Gacho
Technical Director
Secret 6
We’ve loved working with Gameye — they’re just really quick to respond, their customer service team is very helpful, and their APIs are just so easy to work with.
Managing Director
Oddshot Games

Start your journey

Get in touch with our team and we’ll talk you through exactly how our orchestrator works and how we could integrate it into your platform.

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