Easy worldwide game session hosting

Deploy and manage your multiplayer game on bare metal and cloud servers via our provider agnostic infrastructure.

Our Mission

Gameye gives game studios the power to deploy game sessions closer to their players. Our agnostic approach to game server infrastructure enables servers resources to evolve according to player demand and as features & content are released.

Our partners

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Platform Independent

Game sessions are spread out over multiple providers to ensure redundancy and to achieve the best possible coverage in every region of the world.

Auto Scaling

Stop paying for idle servers and let your server capacity scale automatically based on the number of online players.

Low Latency

Blazing fast servers and local ISP peering connections ensure that every player can play with the best possible connection.


Cost-effective Time saving High quality


Game sessions are balanced between bare metal and cloud depending on player load and can be shared with other customers to keep costs in check.

Time Saved

Ship your game faster as you only need one integration to deploy your game in every region of the world.


Improve the gaming experience of your players by utilizing Gameye’s massive network of different locations (around the world).

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For the Gamers

Competitive, action-packed multiplayer games require a lot of computing power and low latency server locations to run smoothly. Gameye ensures a quality gaming experience for every player by providing high-performance session hosting for game developers - even in upcoming and hard to reach locations around the world.


Let's talk multiplayer

Our goal is to save developers time and money while keeping players happy with low latency high-quality game servers. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch.