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Worldwide Deployments

Grow your user base by continents and countries without the need for additional infrastructure.

Multiple Games

Start a match for multiple games via the same API. This means no more difficult and time-consuming development work for implementing a new game into your platform.

Statistics Engine

We gather all statistics and scores from the match. Every piece of data is available real-time via our API.

Automatic Game Updates

No more worries about game updates. When an update is published it’s available at every server location within 2 hours.

Gaming Optimized Network

Every match is hosted on the biggest low latency network in the world that is specifically optimized for gaming.

Pay Per Match

Save money by paying per match instead of renting expensive servers that are idle most of the time.

Ready when you are

Instantly create eSport matches, anytime, anywhere, with the Gameye Match API.
System Status: Operational