Server orchestration for demanding games

We built our orchestrator from the ground up to deal with high-performance, power-hungry games. It’s been battle-tested on multiplayer titles that demand a lot of their servers, and we’ve always had 99.999% uptime.

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Development velocity for game studios

Velocity isn’t just about speed. It’s about direction — where do you want to spend your efforts?

We build and manage your server infrastructure in a way that saves money, frees up your resources, and lets you focus on the bigger picture. Whether you’re creating a multiplayer game and need to host matches or you’re a backend service looking to host complex databases.

Save money, optimize your infrastructure, and get more value from your assets. Increase your development velocity by tapping into our passion and expertise.

Gameye team

Leave your multiplayer sessions to us

Our orchestration platform handles unexpected surges and automatically hosts your multiplayer sessions, so you can focus on making your game. Choose the tools you want, integrate them, and get all the sessions you need on demand.

Scale seamlessly

We scale between different providers – whether they’re bare metal or in the cloud – to always host your matches on the best available option. So take the guesswork out of hosting with our orchestrator.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Relying on just one server provider leaves you vulnerable if they go down. Instead, our agnostic orchestrator switches between providers that we’ve curated to handle even the most aggressive peaks. So you can automatically host game sessions with the most appropriate provider at any given time.

Reach players globally, without the risk

Expand your game, without signing up to lengthy contracts. You only pay for the time you use, where you use it. So you can test out new regions, even if you’re not sure about the market.


Choose how you manage your infrastructure

You can either licence our source code to run our game server orchestrator on your own infrastructure or let us manage everything for you. It’s up to you.

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Plug into your analytics

See how your servers are performing, where you’ve got the most demand and the general lay of the land. Integrate real-time analytics into your dashboard or developer tools to get an overview of your infrastructure and more.

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Bring your own tools

Our orchestrator is completely agnostic. Whatever matchmaker, anti-cheat or other backend systems you use, we can integrate with them – whether it’s an off-the-shelf service or a homebrew matchmaker.

Keep your players happy

Get a better player experience

We designed our system from the ground up to find and distribute computing power specifically for gaming. Our orchestrator keeps your experience consistent, making sure the servers always have enough resources to host your game. So your players will always get the best experience possible, even with the most hardcore games.

Stay protected against surprises

Keep your games online, even if one provider has a problem. We’ve designed our orchestrator to have built-in resilience and redundancies. Every location we offer, we make sure multiple providers are covering the region. So we can automatically start hosting your game sessions with another provider if there’s ever an issue.

Battle ready

Tried and tested with real games

Six years of developing, testing, and perfecting has gone into our multiplayer orchestrator, which specializes in game server orchestration. It’s the first and only one that can automatically manage your portfolio, give you insights into your infrastructure, and seamlessly work with any tool or server provider that you want.

How our tech helped Chivalry II

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We felt there was a personal relationship, and if there was a problem, we knew that Gameye would be there.
Rasmus Löfström Game Director
It’s reassuring to know that we could scale up indefinitely as we prepare for platform events and sales
Brian Jordan Co-founder and CTO
We’ve loved working with Gameye — they’re just really quick to respond, their customer service team is very helpful, and their APIs are just so easy to work with.
Gilles Managing Director at Oddshot Games
When we’re connecting to Gameye servers, there’s not been a problem with the ISPs. Nobody has a lag advantage.
Gene Gacho Technical Director

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