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We’re on a mission to help developers around the world make amazing multiplayer games. And to do that, we need to right people. Here’s what it’s like working at Gameye.

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We're humble

We put our egos aside. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake or need a hand. What’s important is to work together and keep moving forward.

We're agnostic

It’s not just our technology that’s agnostic. We try and embody that philosophy too. Don’t pigeonhole people into a single choice. Be open and listen to one another.

We're healthy

We’re people, not corporate robots. Which means we need to look after each other. We celebrate the good times, and help each one another through the other times.

Getting started

Our hiring process

We want to make sure we’re the right match. We appreciate your time, so we keep our hiring process to four simple steps.

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1. We’ll have a chat

Send us your CV. If we think we could be a good match, we’ll invite you for a quick online coffee chat. This’ll be an informal get-together to see if we’ll be a good fit and ask some initial questions. And you’ll get a chance to learn more about us and the role.

2. Time to get technical

This is where we’ll get into more of the technical details. You’ll speak to our CTO and developers in the company, where we’ll learn more about your technical abilities and get an idea of your experience.

3. Put your skills to the test

We just to get an idea of your thinking and your skillset. We’ll send across a small technical task (nothing more than an hour or two, tops). We’re not looking at how tidy your code is – more how you would approach an issue.

4. Say hello to the Gameye team

Lastly, we’ll organise a call with the rest of the Gameye crew. This is a chance for you to ask any other questions to the rest of the team – what’s it like working here, what we like to do for fun, even down to what games we like to play.

Some of the perks of the job

We encourage healthy living. We try to create a safe environment so the team can be who they are. Here are a few ways we do that, and what perks you can expert when you come onboard.

Completely remote

We’re 100% remote. So you get to work wherever you like in the world. Whether that be your home office or a cafe in Spain.

Opportunity to learn

We always encourage learning. So we’ll support you in whatever new skill you want to take up – both for your career and for personal hobbies.

Coffee is on us

Staying cooped up all day isn’t healthy. So we offer a $15 daily budget which you can spend wherever you want during your work day.


You choose when you work throughout the day. You’ll just need to be around for some meetings.

Office set up

Need a new chair? Busted keyboard? Buggy screen? We’ll get you the things you need.

Built on trust

We won’t micromanage or chase you every day. Our culture is built on trust. And our crew looks out for each other.

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