Plug in the tools you love

We know how important matchmakers are, so we’ve made sure that our orchestrator can integrate with whatever you choose. PlayFab. FlexMatch. Pragma. Or even your own homebrew. We work with them all.

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Case study

Syncing Secret 6 with PlayFab

Project Xandata is a highly competitive game – so Secret 6 decided to go with PlayFab for their matchmaking. But it’s not just about matching the right players, but having a server available at the right time.

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Project Xandata
Case study

Helping Doborog avoid vendor lock-in

When Doborog’s old server provider discontinued their service, Doborog also needed to build their own matchmaker from scratch. By switching to us, they were able to make sure they had the orchestration they needed, as well as the customisation they wanted.

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Doborog case study
What you need to do

Get started in 3 simple steps

Our platform is completely agnostic. So even if you don’t see a tool that we already work with, that doesn’t mean we can’t plug into others.

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1. Pick your matchmaker

Whether it’s PlayFab or something you’ve created yourself, our platform is compatible with any matchmaker.

2. Review the endpoints

It depends on which endpoints you need to align. You’ll need to figure out what actions we’ll need to complete for your game.

3. Write the code

Once you know which endpoints you need, you’ll just need to write the code. And then you’re all set to go.

Tell us what you need

We’re constantly adding new features and integrations, whether that’s the latest matchmaking system, network optimization, or DDOS protection. You can see all of our integrations above. But if you don’t see the one you use, we can help you get started.

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