How Palworld could save itself $200k a month

On 2nd February 2024, PC Gamer reported that the developers behind Palworld are spending over $475,000 a month on server costs. That’s just not necessary. With Gameye, Pocket Pair could be saving themselves between 50% to 70% on their server costs.

Obviously, Palworld is doing fantastically well. They’ve made millions and can easily cover the cost. But who wouldn’t want to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a month?

What causes skyhigh costs?

We’ve seen this before. A studio releases a game, it goes viral, and they just don’t have the infrastructure to handle the sudden spike. Either the servers crash and the players get angry, or the developer has to turn to highly expensive cloud infrastructure.

Hyperscalers, like Amazon Web Services, are useful in a bind – but they’re not a sustainable model in the long run. They’re not always in the best location and they cost a fortune.

You can probably save between 50% and 70%

From our experience, there are ways to significantly cut down on those costs, and stop relying solely on cloud infrastructure. Now, we don’t know how PocketPair has their servers set up. But we can make an educated guess. And we’re pretty sure they could be saving about half those costs. Maybe even 70%, if they’re really inefficient right now. For example, we saved Doborog 60%.

A large part of that is we already have a network of servers in place across the world. But even if you don’t use our network – and decide to use your own infrastructure – our orchestrator can make sure that you’re using the most efficient server at any given time.

You also get more reliable latency

Our network spans across the world, and we have capacity in X countries. We also have redundancy built in, so if there are problems with one area – we simply start launching someplace else.

The orchestrator then chooses the best location for any given group of players – launching the session on the best available server.

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