Downtime is when a machine, or computer, crashes or is out of action. So when we describe ‘downtime’ in the gaming world, we’re typically talking about when this affects one of your servers, which host your game’s sessions. It’s rare, but can happen, especially during peak times.


This can be due to multiple things

Your server crashing can be due to multiple reasons. Computers overheating or even servers being overloaded with too many players or data. To avoid this depends on what types of servers you use for your sessions, your traffic, or how many resources your game uses.


Orchestrators fix this problem

That’s one of the things we do. If and when a server crashes, our orchestrator moves those sessions over to a new server. And because your game will already be in a container, it’s quick to shift these sessions across.

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Bare-metal servers

A bare-metal server is a physical machine which lives inside a data centre. It’s a place where you’ll host your games matches and sessions.

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Flex metal servers

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An orchestrator figures out where to host game sessions.

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