An orchestrator figures out where to host your games’ sessions. Once your matchmaker has paired up your players, an orchestrator manages the servers, and will find the best location for the session to take place.

It’ll find the best servers

When finding the best servers, an orchestrator will take into consideration multiple factors. It’ll look at the health of the machines, where your players are, capacity of the servers and more, before placing the session. Keep in mind, this all happens automatically in milliseconds.

It’ll manage capacity, automatically

A good orchestrator will take note of when you have an influx of players and sessions, or when you have quiet periods. They’ll fire up new servers or pop them on standby, and also shuffle around sessions if any servers experience downtime or issues.

Gameye is agnostic

We work with any matchmaker or tool. But it also means we also work with multiple server providers. So we’ll always place the session in the best location, in every region of the world.

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