Auto scaling

Auto scaling is making sure the game is available on more servers, in case there’s an influx in demand. So for Gameye, if we get a load more requests to play your game, we have the capacity to host those sessions.


It’s especially useful if your game is global

Your game will have peak times throughout the day, in different locations. So you’ll probably need less servers up and running in Asia when it’s 3am for them. But you’ll need more in USA at that time. That’s where auto scaling comes in.

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An orchestrator figures out where to host game sessions.

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Your matchmaker decides which players to group up for a session. It grabs information from each player and then runs it through a set of rules to figure out the best possible match.

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Cloud servers

Your cloud server is a virtual server. It runs in a cloud computing environment, and it's a place where you’ll host your games’ matches and sessions.

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Bare-metal servers

A bare-metal server is a physical machine which lives inside a data centre. It’s a place where you’ll host your games matches and sessions.

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Flex metal servers

Flex metal servers are basically bare-metal machines, but you can have them available in the same amount of time as cloud servers.

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