Get to know: Junior Mba

As we’re hiring, we thought it’d be good to give you the inside scoop about our company from our Customer Experience Manager.

What’s it like to work in a fully remote company? How do we keep our culture alive, while performing our roles? We spoke with our customer experience manager, Junior Mba, to give you the inside scoop. So if you’re looking to join our team, this is the blog for you.

What do you do at Gameye?

I’m the Customer Experience Manager. I’m the main contact for integration – so if you want to integrate our orchestration into your game, I help make that process easy.

A core part of my role is that I build and manage the various channels that people use for support. We have a few different channels, including Discord, a Slack, and email. It all needs managing. I also set up the escalation process. Basically, anything customer-related about integration, I’m involved in it. I’m trying to shape the experience, whether that’s having a guide – like a walkthrough – or making sure that our customers are happy with how it’s all coming together.

So how exactly did you end up here?

I’ve always enjoyed video games from an early age. But it took a while for me to break into the industry. After doing Computer Science at Kingston university, my first role was actually in a technical support role with a company called Hicom. I was quite lucky there – even though you had a main role, they encouraged you to explore other areas and roles. So I was able to travel a lot, teaching customers how to use the software, getting involved with testing, trying out development. It gave me a really good grounding in all the different areas of business.

I then moved through a few different customer service roles, until I decided I’d like to move toward gaming. My first role in the industry was with GameAnalytics – who basically do what they say on the tin – where I built up their support team and worked on customer success.

And then Gameye came up. It was out of nowhere, to be honest. During lockdown, it popped up and just seemed like the perfect fit.

What was it that first interested you in the role?

It was the technology that really excited me. I’ve always been an avid RPG fan, but after a while, I started getting into multiplayer games more and more. The technology behind them really fascinated me – how exactly did an FPS work? When you’re a player, you have no idea. If you get kicked off a server, you immediately blame the game. But I really wanted to know what was going on under the hood.

GameAnalytics was very much about what happens after the game is finished. But Gameye is involved during that development process – and it meant that I could start working on these aspects that always excited me.

What’s it like working at Gameye?

First of all, we’re fully remote. We have been for years. This is really important as it means we can decide our own hours and tailor work around our lives, rather than the other way around. If I want to pick my daughter up from Gymnastics and spend some time with her, I can choose to do that. I just juggle my day around to make it work.

Part of this is down to how everyone is in a different time zone. We’re scattered across the UK, Germany, Egypt, Italy, and the Netherlands. So remote work – works. As long as the work gets done, there’s no specific schedule.

But trust is important here. I think the pandemic has helped change people’s mindsets about working from home. It used to be taboo – almost a dirty word. Sure, you could work from home – but companies rarely let you. Now, it’s much more accepted. People have noticed that it doesn’t change how efficient you are or the output of the work.

What kind of values are there here?

Well, first of all, we try and be healthy. It can also be quite easy to overwork yourself, particularly when working remotely. It’s just harder to cut yourself off from work. So we discourage that behaviour. The team will actively enforce breaks and tell you to go away and relax. We’re constantly looking out for each other and making sure we’re all happy and healthy.

There’s also quite a humble nature to the office. Sure, everyone has their role. But there isn’t a hierarchical vibe to the place. You feel like you can speak to anyone and nobody lets their ego get in the way of a good idea.

Which I guess ties into the third thing. We constantly say we’re agnostic. For customers that means we let them use whatever technology they want, but we’re agnostic internally too. If you have an idea, you can speak up about it. That’s what Gameye is about – listening to everyone’s thoughts and mixing and matching the best ideas together.

What advice would you give someone applying here?

Whenever you’re doing interviews – whether that’s Gameye or somewhere else – be yourself. Presenting your authentic self is very important. Not everyone is the same and it’s your differences that are going to be key. If there’s something that ignites your passion, make sure they know.

I think for me – one of the reasons I got this role – my biggest passion was putting the customers ahead of everything else. Whether it’s a company goal or not, I believe the customer and their experience should always come first. You want to make their experience as easy and straightforward as possible. That’s what I put across when I applied, at least.

Having a unique perspective is key. The downfall of most companies is that there’s no difference in opinion. They all just agree, so they stay stagnant. But we’re deliberately looking for people who have a different angle. People who think about things differently. If you have two people with opposing ideas, you can combine those ideas and create something much better. If everyone always agrees, nothing evolves.

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