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Games List

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Match Types: 1vs1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5
Price per match: 0,29

Team Fortress 2


Match Types: 6v6, 9v9
Price per match: 0,29

Battalion 1944


Match Types: 5v5
Price per match: 0,29

Counter-Strike: Source


Match Types: 5v5
Price per match: 0,29

Left 4 Dead 2


Match Types: 4v4 Survival and Versus
Price per match: 0,29

Killing Floor 2


Match Types: 4v4 Survival
Price per match: 0,29

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really no additional fees involved?

There are no additional or hidden fees involved. There are no lock-in contracts and no traffic costs. All hosting costs are included in the price per match.

Do you support closed source games?

Yes, if you're a game publisher or developer we build a private image of your game that's only available to you.

Which server locations do you support?

We currently have 6 servers locations in different continents around the world.

  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Warsaw
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Los Angeles

How many concurrent matches can you handle?

Gameye is build with scalability in mind. We dynamically add more server capacity when it's needed. This way we scale into thousand of concurrent sessions per game.

How do game updates work?

When a new game update is released we automatically start building a new image version and push it to our servers. As soon as the new image is available, new matches will start with the most current version.

How do I implement your service?

You can create matches and retrieve scores for your platform or service via our Match API. Visit our developer page to see our various packages.