Ready to scale. Anywhere in the world.

We bring together the technology and infrastructure you need to host your multiplayer games anywhere in the world. No matter the demand.

Get started

Getting started is easy

Our orchestration platform automatically chooses where to run each session, based on the current demand. All you need to do is pick your regions and upload your containerized game image. The whole process can take as little as an hour. And once everything is uploaded, we can start spinning up sessions in minutes.

Step one: Containerize your game

Whatever your engine, just use Docker to containerize your game and upload it.

Step two: Connect your matchmaker

We work with whichever matchmaker you prefer to use. The matchmaker tells us which players are in the match together, and our orchestrator decides the best location to host the match, based on the regions you’ve chosen.

Step three: Sit back and relax

We’ll take it from here. Once we have your image, plug into the API and we can start creating sessions automatically. And if you get a surge of players, our orchestration platform will spin up new sessions to meet the demand.

Upload once, deploy everywhere

Using this streamlined process, you can update new versions of your game whenever you like. Just upload the new image, and we’ll roll it out across our whole infrastructure. Your new version will be live in just a few minutes.

Built for the most demanding games


We constantly review and improve our systems and hardware to make sure that they can handle the demands placed on them. So your game’s experience will always be smooth and your players will always have the best experience possible.

Get a free trial until your open beta

Your success is our success. So we do what we can to help you create the best game possible. That’s why you can try out a limited number of sessions for free until your open beta.

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