Data center

A data center is a building or place which you’d use to store all of your servers. You’d use a data center to house any critical or large amounts of data. But you’ll also use it to process and manage all of that data, too.

You could either use your own data center, or share on with another company (if you wanted to save some cash).

There are three kinds of data centre

Storage, computing, and networking. So a data center either stores loads of data, run big programs, or moves data around. But most now can pretty much do all three.

They’re made up of multiple things

Data centers are made up of servers, storage systems, routers, controllers and more. And all of the servers within a data centre can share the same network, where they’re all hooked up together.

We use them for many different reasons

IT departments and companies will use their data centres for a bunch of things. Storing and managing files is always on top of the list, but they’ll also use them for their CRM (customer relationship management), any machine learning or AI tools, internal communication and security, and more.

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