Raise a glass to the winners of the Game Jam Summit 2022

We buddied up with BigFry to bring you the Game Jam Summit 2022 back in May. And we’re thrilled to announce the winners from the session.

Great work, everyone. The Game Jam Summit 2022 is now officially done and dusted, and what a week it’s been.

For those of you who couldn’t come along, we just co-hosted a week-long game jam with multiplayer expert and YouTube star, BigFry.TV. The goal was to craft a game with the theme of ‘opposites’. And during the jam, we invited industry veterans from all corners of gaming to share their insights and wisdom on developing multiplayer games.

Feel free to watch the highlights above. But for now, let’s get to it.

Third place: No Light Without Darkness by Johannes Nienaber

Nienaber really embraced the theme of opposites in this jam and gave it a horror-esk FPS twist. You experience two types of enemies in the game: light and dark. To damage the light baddies, you need to fight them in the shadows (so you’ll need to kill any lights first). And vice-versa, you can only damage the dark enemies in the light (thankfully, you have a flashlight).

No Light game

Image source: No Light Without Darkness by Johannes Nienaber

What we love is how distinctive this concept is. We reckon this could be a unique game with a bit more TLC and some more development time. But it’s simply incredible how Nienaber has developed this idea and game in just four days. Well done, very well deserved!

Second place: Heal & Hurt by Normogames

We love how cooperative this title is. This game is an arena shooter. And there are two teams, and you have two abilities or actions that you can do: shoot the enemy, or heal your teammates. And what’s cool is when you die, you swap teams.

Heal and hurt game

Image source: Heal & Hurt by Normogames

It’s pure chaos and has the grounds to be something great. We hope the crew spend some more time and flesh this out a bit more — we reckon this could have quite an impact on Steam, and be a fresh co-op FPS for players to dive into.

First place: The All Seeing Camera by Slayuh9

This game was developed by just one person. The aim of the game is to get through this office building. And in it, there are these different types of cameras (some of which are hopping around, similar to the Pixar lamp). Depending on what kind of area you’re in, you either have to avoid the cameras seeing you, or be seen by a camera at all times.

The all seeing camera game

Image source: The All Seeing Camera by Slayuh9

It was the concept here that earned Slayuh9 first place. It’s one of the coolest concepts we’ve seen from this jam that’s adopted our ‘opposites’ theme. We reckon this could be a killer game to hit the stores with some polishing, gameplay balancing, and some more levels.

All of these games are free to play. You can download them on BigFry’s website. If you’ve got some spare time, give them a whirl and let us know what you think.

We’ll have more jams coming soon

We can’t explain how much we enjoyed this game jam. And we want to say a huge thank you to BigFry and his crew for making this work. It’s been a thrill seeing so many talented developers come together. We can’t thank our speakers enough for sharing their insights and wisdom during the jam (all of the sessions are on the website, too).

We appreciate that this jam may have been too short for some to get across the finish line. We’ve taken this feedback on board, and we’ll make sure that the next one is longer so that everyone has a chance to submit their masterpiece.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next one. You can follow us on Twitter for any updates. And if you fancy learning a bit more about what Gameye does and how we can help you, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.