Product update – New changes to our API

We’re tidying up our endpoints. It’s now a lot easier and simpler. But you may need to update your code. Here’s what’s new, and what you need to do.

As we’re coming to the end of the year, we have one final update to fill you in on. And depending on your setup with our API and tool, you may need to make some changes on your end.

Here’s what we’ve done.

We’ve cleaned up our endpoints

Our endpoints are now a lot cleaner and simpler to use. Don’t worry. We’re not completely removing any endpoints – but we are replacing and renaming them. So any end point you see as outdated, there’s a new one to switch them out with.

You need to update your code

You’ll have to update your code to reference our new active endpoints. It shouldn’t take too long, and our support team is on hand if you need any extra help.

We’ll reach out to studios directly that we know will be affected. But it’s good to check on your end, just in case.

You have some time

We won’t deactivate the old end points straight away. We’re giving everyone 90 days to make the change. But the new ones are all ready, so we recommend going in and updating these now.

Updating your endpoints

You may have to change the endpoints used in your integration, depending on how you’ve implemented Gameye. And again, feel free to speak to our crew on Discord. But here’s a look at what’s changing:

Old endpoint

New endpoint


Old GET Endpoints: 




New GET Endpoint: 


This lists all of the active sessions that are tied to your API token. Keep in mind, this only returns active sessions. 

Any that have already been stopped will not be included.

Old POST Endpoint: 


New DELETE Endpoint: 


This stops an active session from running by killing the underlying container. The container is killed by sending in a SIGTERM signal.

Let us know what features you want

We want to keep you in the loop for all future changes and updates. So if there are any specific features or patches you’d like to see, ping us in Discord in the #Product channel.

Tell us what you’d like to see in our Glossary

We’ve kickstarted a new jargon-busting glossary. So if there’s anything techy that’s confusing you, give us a shout and we’ll add it to the glossary.