Hotfix update – October 2022

We’ve made a couple of small updates to our platform. So to keep you in the loop, here’s what’s changed.

Exciting things are happening at Gameye. We’re working away on some new features and tools for our platform. And although we haven’t got any major changes to share with you this month, we wanted to kickstart some regular product updates and hotfixes to keep you in the loop with what’s new.

We have two small fixes this month:

1. Updated how labels work

Gameye hotfix

Just a small quality-of-life update. We’ve separated out Gameye-specific tags from other tags in the code. There are now three label types: tags (what you’ve defined), env, and Gameye.

2. Fixed a session-locking bug

In rare cases, some servers were misbehaving and not going into a lock state, which meant they could overload themselves. We’ve fixed this now.

Shout if you want any other features

We’re looking to keep you up to date with changes with the Gameye platform much more regularly. If there are any specific features or patches you’d like to see, you can now do that in our new Discord channel: #Product.

Have a say in what goes in our glossary

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve recently given our website a much needed spruce. And with that, we’ve included a jargon-busting glossary. So if there’s any key industry terms that’s making you scratch your head, let us know in Discord, and we’ll add it to our glossary.

That’s it for now. Until next time!