Gameye is heading to Develop Brighton 2021

At Develop Brighton, we’ll have a stand and some popcorn, waiting to have a real-life chat over real-life coffee. Exciting stuff.

Develop:Brighton is right around the corner. And as it’s one of the first real-life events since lockdown, we reckon it’ll be filled to the brim with interesting talks, announcements, and content.

So we’ll be heading down. We’ll even have our own stand and popcorn. It should be a fun couple of days, and we’re looking forward to seeing you.

Visit our stand for a chat

We’ve actually got some exciting news that we’d love to talk to you about. We recently helped with the Chivalry 2 launch. Within the first hour of their launch, they had 100% more players than predicted. But we helped them out. With zero downtime.

We’re also working on Latency.GG. It’s a not-for-profit organisation giving game developers more accurate latency measurements. What’s better, it’ll be open-source and hosted in the same data centres as the games themselves. Which is great for everyone.

We’d love to chat about all of this with you in person. So if you are heading down, pop by our stand and come say hello. We’re at B35. And we know events can be pretty busy, so we also have a calendar you can drop a time into, if you’d prefer.

Which talks are we excited for?

There are over 100 different sessions this year. And as much as we’d like to go to all of them, there’s only so much time in the day. We’re going to write a full guide soon. But here are a few we’re excited about.

Raise Your Game: How to make Equality, Diversity and Inclusion central to your games business

Our core values at Gameye are all about being healthy, being humble, and being agnostic. Which is why we’re looking forward to hearing Jagex’s talk about Equality and Diversity in the gaming business. It’s a topic that’s starting to be addressed in the industry, and we’re thrilled to see more and more businesses opening up a conversation around this.

Don’t Panic: Scaling Your Team Without Losing What Makes You, You.

We’re all about scaling here at Gameye. Although we appreciate this talk is a little different to what we do, it’s still an important topic to address for any growing business. And definitely worth checking out.

Pandemic-Proof Play: Adapting local multiplayer games for post-Covid socialising

We love social and multiplayer games (in case you didn’t guess). And this talk is particularly interesting for us. They’re going to chat about how to make local multiplayer games remote, and why it’s so important in a post-covid world.

Hit up our calendar

If you’d like to arrange a meeting, get in touch with us here. We’d love to see you there.