You’re invited to the Game Jam Summit 2022

We’ve got some exciting news for all of your game devs. We’ve teamed up with one of the fiercest multiplayer YouTubers, BigFry, to bring you the Game Jam Summit 2022.

It’s a week-long online jam where you, alongside up to two others, will tackle the task of making a multiplayer game based on a unique theme. What makes this jam oh-so jammy is that we’ve also invited a cavalry of industry experts and veterans to bring you actionable insights and advice during the week.

So assemble your crew, dig out your tools, and get ready for the Game Jam Summit 2022. Keep in mind that places are limited. So make sure to save your seat now to avoid missing out.

Let’s get into the details.

It kicks off on the 23rd of May

Our Game Jam Summit is happening the week of the 23rd of May. So save the date. As we mentioned earlier, it’s only five days long, so make sure you’ll want to keep the entire week clear in your diary.

Where will it be?

It’s purely online. And it’ll be hosted on BigFry’s discord. We’ll send the link to the server closer to the time with a developer package of everything you need to know. And we’ll also reveal the theme the day before.

What can you win?

There’s a cash prize for the top winners. And we’ll also have some goodies ready from our partners. We’ll announce more details closer to the jam itself.

Each day we’ll run a Q&A session

We’ve lit the beacons and called in our favours. Each day will have a unique theme, and we’ll run in-depth Q&A sessions with the pros from all corners of the industry. Here’s the schedule and who you can expect to see there:

Pitching to investors

Session one: Pitching to investors

During this panel, you can expect to learn how investors think, what type of questions they tend to ask, and exactly how to secure any investment for your game.

When: Monday 23rd May, 11am EST

Who’s speaking:


Finding Game Ideas - Day 2

Bonus session: Finding game ideas

Finding ideas for your games can be a tricky and slow process. Even more so when you only have a few days to whip together a prototype. So we’ve invited the crew from Homa Games and Mountaintop Studios to share their advice and experience behind coming up with killer ideas for games.

When: Monday 23rd May, 10am EST

Who’s speaking:


Building multiplayer games

Session two: Building Multiplayer Games

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Mark Terrano and Brian Etheridge will share their first-hand experience making games and cover the do’s and don’ts when working with multiplayer elements.

When: Tuesday 24th May, 11am EST

Who’s speaking:


Launching your game

Session three: Preparing to launch

Gameye and Latency.GG will cover all of the steps a multiplayer developer will need to take when launching their game, from servers to matchmaking tools.

When: Wednesday 25th May, 11am EST

Who’s speaking:


Finding the right tool

Session four: Finding the right tools to work with

The gang at Photon Engine and GDevelop will chat about the different tools and technology you might need to set up for your game.

When: Thursday 26th May, 11am EST

Who’s speaking:


Keeping the game alive

Session five: Keeping the game alive

And to finish the week off, the experts at LootLocker, Zebedee and Yager will cover just how to keep players interested and engaged once you’ve launched your game.

When: Friday 27th May, 11am EST

Who’s speaking:

We want to help you make awesome games

Our goal with the jam is to help you along your game development journey. We wanted to create an event where you could hone your skills, learn from the best, and meet like-minded developers in the industry. So even if you don’t want to participate in the jam itself, we’d recommend coming along anyway and saying hello.

We’ve got some house rules

The biggest rule, and most obvious, is no cheating. But we have some other ones to keep it fair and consistent. We won’t go over each one of them now, but make sure to have a read through them before signing up.

Some countries won’t be eligible for the prize

You’re still welcome to enter. But for legal reasons, some countries won’t be eligible for the grand prize. That, and you also have to be over 18. Make sure to check this section out on our website before signing up.

Save your seat today

Spaces for the actual jam are limited. So sign up now to secure your spot. And make sure to join the discord channel here. We can’t wait to see what you create.