Playwin -
Server-side anticheat

Gameye and Playwin have recently teamed up to offer a full anti-cheat solution for the latest online multiplayer games. This solution allows any session run on the Gameye orchestration system to have a number of crucial files sent directly over to the Playwin team who can then check to see if there has been any cheats recorded. This technology is all done server side and does not require your players to download a specific client, or for you to add a SDK into your game client.

Playwin is a fully server side anti-cheat system which uses the latest transparent algorithms and machine learning techniques to check to see if a multiplayer game session has had any recorded cheaters ruining the game for everyone else. Playwin’s approach to cheaters is just the beginning, as they are planning to develop their system into a full data driven player management system.

What this means from a technical perspective is that once you have integrated with Gameye and have worked with Playwin to develop a data framework, any sessions you run will automatically have the relevant files and data sent seamlessly to Playwin once your session has finished. The Playwin system will then check these for any abnormalities and then publish a report directly back to you so that you can then take care of any cheaters that they pick up on. Playwin’s approach here gives your game admins the clearest picture in order for them to be empowered to make the decision on how to manage a potential cheater.


  • Wall hacks
  • Aim bots
  • Boosting
  • Scripting detection


  • Churn rate analysis
  • AFK reporting
  • Matchmaking ranking systems

Customer integration

In order to start using Playwin with your game sessions, you first need to spend some time with the Playwin team to create a JSON file which containers various objects, events and updates that are expected when running a “normal” session. The more Playwin understands about your game and how a multiplayer session runs, the more accurately they can then tune the system in order to detect cheaters. As the system can be fine tuned in time by the Playwin team, it can keep up with the newest cheats as well as any exploits that may be introduced due to updates to your game.

Once the integration steps are completed on Playwin’s side and an auth key has been generated, you can provide this to the Gameye team who will ensure that your sessions are then able to send the correct files and details over to Playwin automatically. You can submit these details directly to the Gameye support team via Discord, or better yet, send an email to [email protected]

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