PlayFab -

Having a matchmaker like PlayFab integrated directly into the Gameye system not only provides the latest and greatest matchmaker features, but also means that we can easily migrate a PlayFab customer onto the Gameye orchestrator with relative ease. This integration also comes with an amazing partnership with the team over at Microsoft, which gives Gameye a leading edge when it comes to hosting the next generation of Multiplayer games.

Technical investigation

The new PlayFab Matchmaking feature provides a great way to build matchmaking into your game and offers a simple, yet powerful system to help your users find each other. This feature is an upgrade to PlayFab's existing matchmaker and uses the proven capabilities of Xbox Live's SmartMatch.

When an individual or group wants to enter a match, your game submits a request to the matchmaking service. Once the request is made, the service will hold on to the request and try to match it with other requests. The service then creates matches that contain players who are most compatible.

Once the matchmaker has enough players ready, it will then submit a request to the Gameye orchestration layer for a game session to be spun up in a specific location or region. From here, Gameye then takes over to ensure that sessions you players land up playing on are on the best hardware and provide the best experience possible.

Customer integration

In order to get started using this integration, you will need to first need to contact the Gameye team in order to get access to our API. This is achieved with an authentication key which we generate for you when you sign up.

In order to integrate with PlayFab, you’ll need to sign up for an account and gain access to the PlayFab webpanel. There are a number of pricing options available, depending on how many games you plan to use as well as how many players you have. There is even a free version available for integration and testing!

Once you have the access and counts you need, head over to our documentation page which contains a very simple quick start guide for getting set up with PlayFab and Gameye. As well as the quick start guide, we also have a demo version of a game which shows how we got it working.

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