Network Next -
Network optimizer

In order to provide the best possible service to Gameye customers, a huge part of the internet needed to be analyzed. What is the point of Gameye using the best hardware, locations and systems to run a multiplayer game server if the internet connection between the server and the player is heavily saturated? That’s where our first network optimizer partnership with Network Next comes into play!

Technical investigation

Network Next connects application developers with thousands of private networks on a neutral marketplace, giving developers the best network performance at the best price.

The integration of Network Next with Gameye allows us to provide set regions, locations or sessions that can have their game server network traffic put on a direct path to the players. This means that while other providers are putting their traffic onto the normal internet, Gameye will redirect all traffic to Network-Next, which in turn reduces latency and in turn brings a much better experience to your players.

Customer integration

In order to start using Network Next with your game server, you will first need to integrate an SDK into your game server as well as your game clients. This then allows Network Next to correctly route any game traffic directly to your players.

Once connected, you will then need to contact the support team over at Gameye who can then explain how to turn on the network optimization for an individual session, or ensure that your sessions are spun up on Network Next enabled machines within our machine pool.

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