Gameye has integrated the Linode API directly into our offering, meaning that you can now utilize all of Linodes services and locations directly through our orchestration system!

Technical investigation

Linode is a simplified cloud system which means that Gameye can directly deploy game sessions within any Linode location. These sessions can be used as burst capacity if we run out of space in a location that utilizes Bare metal. Further to this you can choose to host all your sessions on Lionde directly if you wish. Either way the integration between Gameye and Linode provides you even more flexibility when it comes to hosting your multiplayer game servers!

Customer integration

As this integration is part of the Gameye orchestration system, any customer using our system can expect this to work on day one for them. There is no need to turn anything on or write custom code into your game server binary!

If you wish to run your game sessions purely on Linode, please reach out to our support team who can help you with this.

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