One of Gameye’s unique selling points is the ability to deploy Bare Metal servers as if they were cloud. This means that if we run out of capacity we can use a provider like i3d.net to order, install and deploy bare metal in the same way that you would with cloud while maintaining the lower cost and higher performance that you would expect with this type of deployment.

Technical investigation

i3d.net is one of the few Bare metal providers who have a complete API which can be used to automate deployment. This means that Gameye has been able to implement their API directly into the automated capacity management system to ensure that there is always room for your game sessions.

The automated nature of ordering and deploying bare metal means that we can utilize every single location that i3d.net offers without needing a human to do the work. Our automated scaling system handles this process seamlessly.

Customer integration

As this integration is part of the Gameye orchestration system, any customer using our system can expect this to work on day one for them. There is no need to turn anything on or write custom code into your game server binary!

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