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Gameye for eSports

Create fully automated CS:GO and TF2 matches in 11 locations around the world. Choose your own server location and set custom parameters like the map, number of rounds, GOTV and warmup time.

Scale to hundreds of concurrent matches on your platform without worrying about having enough game servers or new game updates.

Open up new possibilities by connecting to our real-time API. You can receive live information such as events and player scores.

No more manual screenshots required to confirm match results. Automatically update tournament brackets either real-time or post-match via our auto-scoring feature. You are notified of the total score, team score and scores of all players when a match ends.

Gameye for Game Studios

Gameye enables game studios to develop sessions and dedicated server based multiplayer games without the hassle of creating, testing and maintaining a global server infrastructure.

Server capacity is dynamically scaled based on the current player load and historical patterns. The number of servers is continuously adjusted offering large cost saving by removing unused idle capacity.

Gameye has developed its own container technology that is optimised for gaming. This allows for faster image distribution and generic tools for the collection of post-game artefacts.

Worldwide Deployments

Grow your user base by continents and countries without the need for additional infrastructure.

Multiple Games

Start a match for multiple games via the same API. This means no more difficult and time-consuming development work for implementing a new game into your platform.

Statistics Engine

We gather all statistics and scores from the match. Every piece of data is available real-time via our API.

Automatic Game Updates

No more worries about game updates. When an update is published it’s available at every server location within 2 hours.

Gaming Optimized Network

Every match is hosted on the biggest low latency network in the world that is specifically optimized for gaming.

Pay Per Match

Save money by paying per match instead of renting expensive servers that are idle most of the time.

Easy worldwide match deployment

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