How to host your game: peer-to-peer or client-server?

There are two main methods for hosting your game – either use the player’s computer or a separate server. But which is right for your game?

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Why it’s important to avoid locking into one vendor

Having a single point of failure can be catastrophic for your game. What happens if it goes down? Find out how to avoid locking into a vendor.

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Why your launch predictions will be wrong. But that’s okay.

When launching a multiplayer game, it’s extremely difficult to predict how many players you’ll actually get. We look at why that’s okay, as long as you prepare.

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Seven hard-learnt lessons from Bungie, Doborog, and Gameye

Single points of failure, leaving time for iterations and learnings from experts in the industry. Catch up on what we chatted about at Devcom.

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How Gameye helped Chivalry 2 manage seven times more players

When Chivalry 2 released on Xbox Game Pass they had 711% more peak sessions than ever before. And it all went off without a hitch. Here’s how.

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Your car could power the metaverse (and other predictions)

We look at the challenges the metaverse faces and how the industry might overcome them, if everyone works together.

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What issues can you expect when running multiplayer servers?

Multiplayer. Whether it’s your core gameplay or an added extra, it can be a huge opportunity for your game.

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