Gameye was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Denise Helderop, Elmer Bulthuis and Sebastiaan Heijne. Since then the company has grown to more than ten full time employees and another five to ten freelancers from all around the globe, helping develop and drive our business.

In 2018 Gameye was able to secure an investment of 1.6 million dollars. During that Seed-round investors such as Makers Fund, Founder of Multiplay Craig Fletcher, Seedcamp and CEO of FaceIt Niccolo showed that they believe in Gameye’s vision. That belief was confirmed by the closing of a second investment round of $2.4 million USD led by Lakestar and including Volta Ventures in 2020. The infusion of new funds and partners ensured that Gameye was able to accelerate growth and development on the world’s most advanced scaling solution for multiplayer games.

Current investors

‘We are delighted to bring Gameye into Lakestar’s portfolio’, states Mika Salmi, Managing Partner Lakestar. “Gameye’s tech is leading the world with its innovations in the rapidly growing cloud and multiplayer game sector. Any game company and developer that wants the best performance on a global scale needs to be on Gameye’s platform.

Mika Salmi - Managing Partner Lakestar

“When I invest, I look at the team first, Gameye has a great one; highly skilled and full of passion and commitment,” Fletcher said, in a statement. “They have a great product that is much needed in the marketplace. Furthermore, having built a game server business before in Multiplay, it gives me an opportunity to help them learn from my experience doing it the first time round.”

Craig Fletcher – Entrepreneur and Founder of Multiplay

A professional Team

At Gameye, we know Games. This is something we are very proud of and something we live by. Our team consists of people who are passionate, loyal and have gathered their experience at companies like Bethesda, ESL, Microsoft, Multiplay and Nintendo.